Something new from the Your Town Team

After the huge success of our 'Give your town the run around', 'Give your town the walk around' and 'Give your town the ride around' events we are excited to launch a brand new TOWN centre series. The Your Town WALK100, RUN100 and RIDE100 Series! Join us as we stay true to what we believe in & bring our energy to a TOWN centre and WALK, RUN or RIDE. A get together of up to 100 people on a Sunday morning in different TOWNS. Bringing communities together through fitness and wellbeing. Do you WALK, RUN or RIDE on a Sunday morning? If so why not join us & play your part in supporting what matters locally. TOWNS are changing & we intend to play our part in that change.. TOWNS will always play a huge part in any community and through our active events & campaigns we look to champion all things local. We look forward to our future & trust you can join us #Walk #Run #Ride #YourTownMatters #Community

Upcoming Events